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Luffy, founder and president of Vietnam’s property agency consultancy V Home, used the investment vision of private banking to set up a Vietnamese property company and start his journey of exploring Vietnam business opportunities. V Home has teams in Hong Kong and Vietnam to provide one – stop services for overseas investors, including sale and purchase, decoration design and property management. The company was awarded the Best Overseas Property Agency Award in 2018.

Luffy has a rich experience in real estate with the investments in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Cambodia and Vietnam. Earlier on the Japanese Olympics, Luffy decided to invest in one land in Osaka and built a small hotel due to the difference in land prices between Tokyo and Osaka. At the time right after that, Japanese news reported that the Osaka’s lands incirease the most in Osaka. Luffy also invested in the property in Tanzhou, which was seperated from Zhongshan by a bridge. The price difference between the two places was three times. In the last two years, the property price has risen to three times and it has been sold successfully

Luffy is the vice president of private banking. In 2013, he won the Best Sales Award at the HSBC Head Office in Hongkong. When he received the award in Hanoi, he found local business opportunities and then regisned to sell eggcakes in Vietnam. After understanding more about the culture and people, especially investment opportunities in Vietnam, Luffy decided to establish the V Home property.

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