Why Future Viet Fund

In the first quarter report of 2020, we are facing the CoVid 19 epidemic, greatly affecting the global economy, and I hope the disease situation will soon be controlled. In fact, Future Viet Fund is still in good control of the situation when the fund has completed disbursing the money into potential real estate projects in Vietnam before the epidemic broke out.

In 2020, the first year in implementing an investment strategy – besides continuing to invest in high-class and potential real estate products located in the center of Hanoi, We strongly research potential real estate products in other cities such as Ho Chi Minh City

Future Viet Fund with a long-term vision, has determined goals and consistently went to the goals with realistic and safe plans … Future Viet Fund always strictly adheres to regulations and pays special attention to benefits of investors through effective and sustainable business, aiming to be the most transparent investment fund.

2020 will be a challenging year, in the context of complicated epidemics, in the context of changing micro and macro economy, we have put forward drastic measures to cope with, and to adapt. The long-term strategy remains unchanged. In the medium and short term, we will focus on the most potential projects to ensure the best profitability to our investors. We will cooperate with many partners, deploy many financial solutions, reduce operating costs, manage cash flow closely …

Future Viet Fund always believes that: “The level of success is determined not by what we have achieved, but by the obstacles we have overcome.”

Thank you for the trust and continued companion of investors.